Since starting its business, PT. Telekomindo Primakarya always provide telecommunications services in the construction field for companies in the Telkom group. Within the framework of providing maximum results, Telekomindo always worked with maintaining the quality and timely completion of each project.
Commitment, Competence, and Communication are supporting elements to the success of the company. With its experience as a contractor in the field of civil construction and telecommunications services, has led PT Telekomindo Primakarya became one competitive company and potential contractor. There are a number of projects have been successfully completed and the company has succeeded in bearing the certifications and awards.sertifikat2

As conditions change, addition to retain existing business, Telekomindo began to develop its business to pioneer as a submarine cable operators provide data transmission services in the Southeast Asia region.
Currently being designed in cooperation with the manufacturer of submarine cables of the People’s Republic of China which will be a partner in pioneering this plan.sertifikat3
In addition to plans to become a marine cable operators, since currently Telekomindo working to provide services as a contractor FTTX infrastructure services end to end.

With the experience and expertise that has been owned, Telekomindo currently developing the concept of the implementation of the construction of buildings that are environmentally friendly and intelligent.
Eco and smart buildings become the next target in business development Telekomindo which will be devoted to the improvement of Telkom companies in the group. Review of material usage and environmentally friendly design continue to be cultivated for the creation of projects that are environmentally sound.
Cooperation with companies in the Telkom group continues to be developed to meet the needs of telecommunications infrastructure development that can provide maximum profits were for society in general and in particular Telkom as a holding company.SubMarine_Cable_Indonesia2

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