About our great company

Established in 1996, we are engaged in telecommunication construction service business and civil construction. Various projects have been completed in order to improve and support the development in the telecommunications industry as well as a supporter of telecommunications and multimedia services provider.

With the full support of Telkom Pension Fund as the majority shareholder (91.64%), PT. Telekomindo Primakarya have ups and downs in line with global economic conditions the company has formed Telekomindo to be strong and consistent company. PT. TELEKOMINDO PRIMAKARYA initially was the Commercial Directorate of PT. TELEKOMINDO PRIMABHAKTI, which established since 1990. Since its establishment, PT. TELEKOMINDO PRIMABHAKTI has been assigned by PT. TELKOM to run many big projects. Up to June 1996, business activities of PT. TELEKOMINDO PRIMABHAKTI mainly supported by its Commercial Directorate.

With a full support from Stockholders of PT TELEKOMINDO PRIMABHAKTI and the Board of Directors of PT TELKOM, the Commercial Directorate of PT TELEKOMINDO PRIMABHAKTI offi cially established a newly and independently business entity named PT TELEKOMINDO PRIMAKARYA which activity in Construction of Telecommunication, Civil and Trading.

We deliver services with smart and honest. We care, grow with us and the road would never be the same

On 17 Desember 1997, the Telkom Pension Fund Foundation for retired Telkom employees (Dana Pensiun Telkom) has been the majority stockholder of PT TELEKOMINDO PRIMAKARYA by an acquisition of some stocks of PT TELEKOMINDO PRIMABHAKTI

With the new solid and empowered team we have successfully Reached important milestones within long term goals, to be a Best Telecommunication Solutions Provider. Achievement supported by all parties, including stakeholder has helped increase the company’s performance in 2016

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